Automating a conference submission workflow: integrating the solution

Registering a Trello webhook

  1. An API key, which is unique per account. The fun part is, it cannot be reset. Don’t leak it, or you’ll be sorry!
  2. A token, which is should be generated for each application. To generate a token, follow instructions on the relevant page. Required parameters are the following:
  • The scopes: read, write, etc.
  • The application name
  • An expiration date
  • The board’s ID. In order to get it, append .json at the end of the board's URL to display its JSON representation. The ID is among the first few parameters:
  1. Finally, send a POST request similar to the following:

Preparing for the webhook

fun routes(runtimeService: RuntimeService) = router {
val handler = TriggerHandler(runtimeService)
POST ("/trigger", handler :: post)
HEAD ("/trigger", handler :: head)
class TriggerHandler(private val runtimeService: RuntimeService) {
fun post(request: ServerRequest): ServerResponse {
// Starts the workflow instance
fun head(request: ServerRequest) = ServerResponse.ok().build()

Google permissions

Creating a Google service account

  1. Go to the service account page in the Google Cloud console
  2. Create or select a project
  3. Fill in the required fields
  4. Select the newly-created account, click on Edit and then on Create Key. Download the key and store it in an safe place, as it contains the credentials necessary to authenticate oneself as the created service account.

Configuring permissions

  1. First, one should give the project permissions to use the API. In the context of the project the service account was created in, open the left menu. Go to . Select Google Calendar API, and in the opening page, click on Enable. Repeat for Google Calendar API.
  2. Then, one should give delegation access to one’s own calendar. In Calendar, locate the menu:My calendars list, then click on the associated menu, and on Settings and sharing. Find the section, and add the service account with access level Manage changes to events.
    For Google Sheets, share the document with the service account.
  3. If the option is grayed out, it means the domain administrator didn’t allow it. If you’re the administrator of your own domain, go to the Google administration console. Then, click on . Click on Sharing settings. Select , and Share all information, and outsiders can change calendars. This allows to give accounts outside the organization — such as service accounts — write access.





Dev Advocate for Apache APISIX. Former developer and architect. Still teaching, learning and blogging.

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Nicolas Fränkel

Nicolas Fränkel

Dev Advocate for Apache APISIX. Former developer and architect. Still teaching, learning and blogging.

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